The Bird Report

This morning’s bird watching was very successful which I could attribute to the warmer weather but I think it is mostly to the credit of the attendants, practicing and advancing their skills.

I am very pleased that those attending may not necessarily know the name of the bird, but are developing their identification skills. I am overjoyed when they notice a bird is not like the others and question these differences to find it is a new bird. If they were equipped with a bird guide I may soon find myself defunct….

These new skills led to the sighting of two spiny cheeked honeyeaters as well as being able to differentiate multiple parrot and cormorant species. Remebering the difference between a pied and little pied cormorant is no task for the faint hearted!

Little pied cormorant sitting in dead tree. Little pied cormorant has short yellow bill and long tail to body length. Photo by Emma Walton of Emma Walton Guiding a nature Guide of South East Queensland. Photo taken during a bird watching workshop by Emma Walton Guiding.

Take look at our eBird checklist below!

Next week we will be headed to a new section of the Condamine River. We will be meeting at the skatebowl car park of Queens Park.

Author: ejwalton

I am an entrepreneur, writer and guide. I am enamoured with everything environmental but have special interests in reproduction and sustainable utilisation of wildlife.

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