Treasure Hunt

Lesser wanderer butterfly. Photo taken by Emma Walton, nature guide, of Emma Walton Guiding,

These school holidays come on a treasure hunt at The Grain Shed Retreat! Who knows what treasure there is to find!

The treasure hunt is perfect for young curious minds especially those in kindy and prep but everyone is welcome.

The treasure hunt is $50/family

Why you should come

  • time away from screens
  • fresh air
  • someone to answer all of your child’s questions
    • why is the sky blue
    • why do snails have shells
    • can turtles leave their shell?
    • how do birds fly?
  • introduction to STEM concepts
  • finishing in time for a well earned afternoon nap

Your Guide

  • current blue card
  • trained in first aid, CPR and remote first aid
  • Bachelor of Wildlife Science
  • experienced working with children
    • previously worked as a learn-to-swim-teacher
    • school assistant
    • youth group co-ordinator

What you will need to bring

  • snacks (e.g. museli bars and fruit)
  • water (guide will carry extra)
  • covered walking shoes (e.g. sports shoes)
  • hat
  • recommend
    • long pants
    • long sleeved shirt
    • camera or binoculars
  • a basic level of fitness

Please note that there is limited mobile signal at this property. Guide always carries a Garmin InReach GPS/communicator. If you have any queries or concerns please contact me.

Sunscreen and insect repellant are made available but if you or your family have sensitive skin I would recommend bringing your own to avoid discomfort.