Hike Your Mountain

Hike Your Mountain- A Women Empowered Retreat is by Kathryn Walton Consulting and Emma Walton Guiding. It is a retreat to equip you to hike solo.

Together we will problem solve your questions, queries and concerns. We will also discuss a variety of topics such managing your fear factor, how to pee in the bush, growing a mindset that helps you overcome the challenges of hiking, what to do when you have your period, how to feel safe (mentally and physically) and what not to bring on a hike. We will then journey together on our hike in the hills. After our hike, we will sit together, tea, coffee or hot chocolate in hand and reflect on our collective experiences and develop our personal action plans.

The hike itself will be a fairly slow paced 5-10km over the hills of the Southern Downs (venue soon to be announced!). On the hike, I will be there to help you better understand the world you are walking on (warning: I will undoubtedly get excited over a feather I have found). I will show you how to walk the land and understand it. We will also pause at opportune moments for reflection and meditation, a break for the body and the mind.

We will be providing the catering for the day, including snacks, teas and coffees and a heart-warming lunch. We will support you every step you take to hike your mountain.

What to expect

  • slow paced, 5-10km walk
  • fully catered
  • problem solving
  • strategising
  • meditation
  • relaxation

Who is it for

Women aged 16 years and older


Gleneden Family Farm


$187 per person

You need to bring

  • basic to moderate level of fitness
  • backpack
  • comfy walking shoes
  • bottle of water (I recommend 2L/person)

Hike Your Mountain!